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What makes a great sailor? 
Knowing the name and usage of every instrument, sail and rope. 
Knowing what to do, how to do and when to do it at the first sign of a changing wind.
It is with the same dedication and rigour that we specialise in the fundamental disciplines required to transform a place, and its body of water, into a sailing destination, to optimise your training and help you drop anchor on your nautical goals.

Set the course, 
we’ll take the ropes.

Event Creation and

We are specialists in the creation and management of sailing competitions, promoting the athletes’ experience and their teams’ performances. Our expertise and skills allow us to outline an activation plan in all its technical, logistic and operational dimensions.

We guarantee all the necessary support to transform a destination into a reference point for the competition, training and/or practice of sailing.

Simultaneously, we aim to promote the destination while creating unique moments for the audience, complemented with entertainment and interaction areas integrated in the event space, always in close relation with the sailing world.

We have the necessary knowledge and the logistic expertise to support your project.

From the transportation of your boat, charter of support boats, to the hiring of a coach, we are able to present you with the best solutions.

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